OC Autism Fundraiser + Free MP3 Single - "I See You"

OC Autism Fundraiser + Free MP3 Single - "I See You"

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"I See You" is a song dedicated to my son, Adam, who was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder at 2 1/2 years old.

Adam processes things differently, sees the world differently, and seemingly everyday things to us may be overwhelming for him. He’s challenged with expressing and understanding verbal communication, but he can sure feel the world around him. And he loves music! So I wanted to write something to let him know that “yes, I get you, I know who you are, I see you as a whole human being,” even when he may not be able to put his feelings into words.

The song is simple in nature, melodically and lyrically, with a lot of repetition (because in the world of autism, repetition is soothing). In essence, I wanted to capture a feeling of comfort and love, a warm blanket to be shared among parents, caregivers and children.

The autism community has done a lot for my son, from speech therapy, to occupational therapy, to ABA therapy, to educational readiness. So with this song, I want to give back and pay it forward. Proceeds from sales of “I See You” will benefit local non-profit organizations who see the beauty in treating not only the patient but in caring for the whole family...starting with OC Autism.

Thank you for joining me.